Tun Milen – The Ghost of LSD – Full Official Music Video

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Tun Milen – The Ghost of LSD
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Producer & Director: Ashish Chawla
Associate Director: Rabbi
Female actress: Desislava Pancheva
DoP: Shiv Shakti-Ashish Chawla
Video edited by Anil Kumar Sharma at Art In My Heart, Gurgaon
Assistant director: Karan Takulia
Associate Producer: Auraa Coordinations & Productions
Makeup: Anuj Dogra
Creative Assistance: Adil Jain

Composition, lyrics*, production, electric guitars, lead vocals & harmonies: Rabbi
*except chorus adapted from the poem ‘Tur Giaa Koi Dil Ch Lae Ke Saadgi’ by Lal Singh Dil
Bass guitar: Brennon Denfer
MIDI keyboards: Andrew Ferrao and Nikkhil Beri
Dholaks: Babby, Rakesh Bhardwaj & Prashant Trivedi
Daff, shaker & tambourine: Rakesh Bhardwaj
Indian percussion arranged & recorded by Balkrishan Sharma at BKG Music, New Delhi
Recorded by Nikkhil Beri at The Sound Lab, Noida
Mixed & mastered by KJ Singh at Studio A6TG, Mumbai
Special thanks to KJ Singh for lending his ES-335 for the guitar solo and Shekhar Arora for his guitar amplifier.
Copyrights: O3 Records
Special thanks to: KJ Singh for lending his ES-335 for the guitar solo, Shekhar Arora for lending his guitar amplifier.and Kaisonmuan ‘Steve’ Valte.
Photographs of Lal Singh Dil: Amarjit Chandan
Cover art: Gurvinder Singh

‘Tu Mun Shudi’ with AR Rahman from ‘Raanjhanaa’ movie

Tu Mun Shudi song is picturised on Abhay Deol, Sonam Kapoor & Dhanush

Tu Mun Shudi, Tu Mun Shudi
Mun Tu Shudam, Tu Mun Shudi 

Rang le rangeele ne ladke bade, haan!
Rang de hawawan di ghodi te chadhe
Hai Niddar Dil Da Safar
Ho Niddar Dil De Humsafar
Rajj ke…
Humse Wafaein Lena
Taaza Hawaein Lena

Tere Layi Hum Chaand Khareedenge
Haan, Bungla na Denge
Par Chain Ko La Denge
Sab Aunde Saanu Ehoje Kartab Ne…

Humse Wafaein Lena
Taaza Hawaein Lena

Tu Mun Shudi, Tu Mun Shudi
Mun Tu Shudam, Tu Mun Shudi 

Challa Song for Shahrukh – Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Challa Song for Shahrukh Khan – Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie

Challa Song Lyrics
Movie: Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Challa ki labh daa phirey
Challa ki labh daa phirey
Yaaron main ghar kehda
Lokan ton puchda phire

Challa hansda phirey
Challa rounda phirey
Challa galee galee rulda phirey
Challe tu sab daa
Challe tera koi nahi
Challa galee gali rul da phirey
Challa ki labh daa phirey

Rang satrangi de
Bulbula di boli
Dhup de pairi chale
Chawaan di lay lay ke vi
Hun kaale kaale baadalan vich chand labda
Goongiyan hawaan diyaan wajaa sun daa
Yaaro aas paase wasda ye yaar mera
Dikhda ni ohdiyaan khusbuaan
Challa ki labh daa phirey
Challa ki labh daa phirey
Challa ki labh daa phirey


National Villager Jassi Jasraj’s Anti Vulgarity Campaign

RABBI SHERGILL, come forward & joined us in this drive against vulgarity in Punjabi Music Industry.National Villager is a song in reply to fake International Villager Honey,who is selling vulgarity in the name of entertainment to kids of Punjab just for his personal benefits.As a result only he and his team is benefitting at the cost of all PUNJAB’S girls pride and dignity at stake. Good modern music is always appreciated but vulgarity would lead to destruction of adolescent minds at tender age of 5 till 15.Lets join hands together to stand firmly against such people whose main aim is money and fame and who just wish to use PUNJABI Language, MUSIC & Serve dirt in punjab in the form of music.

Rabbi Shergill with Papon for Dewarist

Rabbi Shergill and Papon (Angaraag Mahanta)
designed and sung ‘Khule Da Rabb’ on The Dewarists setup.

Here is the entire process in making of Video:

The verdant landscapes of Kaziranga set the stage for Angaraag ‘Papon’ Mahanta and Rabbi Shergill. The former is a native of the state, and revered within it for introducing an entire generation to ancient  folk melodies that would otherwise have been lost forever. The latter introduces his Sufi-tinged, intrinsically Punjabi sound for a memorable collaboration. Monica Dogra presenting and co-ordinating the Music Making process with Artists.

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