Maen Bolia

Kithey lukkian kithey lukkian
Gallan si eh ankahian
Taenu vekhke taenu vekhke
Ajj eh na jaan rokian

Shayad maen chup hi rehnda
Duron vekhda kujh na kehnda
Par hasdi si o foka
Dindi khud nu dhokha

Maen bolia
Tu kardi maenu piar
Maen bolia
Taenu charhega bukhar
Maen bolia
Taenu aundi meri yad
Maen bolia
Teri jibh 'te mera suad

Sirf taenu ajje pata nahi

Sun ke meri sun ke meri
Kujh o hil si gai
Kujh der tan chup o rahi
Fir o injh boli

Jo kujh vi si maen chahia
Milia uho sab maen paia
Hai pura mera jahan
Ta sunnian das kyon terian akhan

Maen bolia
Tere 'ch khali ik thaan
Na bhar sakey
O koi mere siva
Na lagna ethey ko gulab
Ugna bas ik kanda tikha

Sirf tainu ajje pata nahi

Jandan maen mel hona aukha
Chali jo tu gain eyn us paar
Maen tan bhaven aapne bul si lavan
Par kukdi ey meri guitar
Raatin uthh rondi ey meri guitar

Maen kiha ajj shishey nu
“Aa vakhan khan urey kihnu farhia ey tu
Beetia so beet gia
Maenu das vira kahnu arhia ey tun"
Bolia shisha “Maen ki dassan

Kujh farhia nahi kujh chhadia nahi
Aunda maenu ik geet hijar da
O vi chhad dian tan fir gavan maen ki"
Maen kiha “Gall mann lai meri
Kal pichhey ajj guavenga tun"
Bolia shisha “Japday jiven
Shiv nu nahi kadey parhia ey tun

Jah taenu kujh pata nahi"

Maen bolia
Tu kardi maenu piar
Maen bolia
Taenu charhega bukhar
Maen Bolia
Taenu kohu meri yad
Maen Bolia
Teri jibh 'te mera suad
Maen bolia
Ro ro hovengi beza
Maen bolia
Avengi tu haddan paar

Sirf taenu ajje pata nahi

Where’d they hide where’d they hide
These words unspoken
Looking at you looking at you
Today these can’t be stopped

Maybe I’d have remained silent
Looked at her from afar and said nothing
But her laughter was fake
She was but deluding herself

I said
You love me
I said
You will get the fever
I said
You miss me
I said
You can still taste me on your tongue

You just don’t know it yet

On hearing me on hearing me
She was a bit shaken
She was mum for a while
Then she said this

All that I ever coveted
I have it all
My world is complete
Then why tell me, are your eyes empty

I said
There’s a hollow inside of you
It can’t be filled
By anyone but me
No rose is going to grow here
Only a sharp thorn

You just don’t know it yet

I know a union is hard now
That you’ve crossed over to the other side
I might as well sew my lips
But my guitar it wails
It wakes up at night crying

Told the mirror today
“Show me what you got there
The past is past
Tell me brother why are you still stuck up"
The mirror said “What can I say

Dunno what I have
I know only this song of separation
What else can I sing if not this"
I said “Listen to me
You will lose the present for the past"
Miror said “Seems like you haven’t
Ever read Shiv

Go you know nothing”

I said
You love me
I said
You will get the fever
I said
My memory will impale you
I said
You can taste me on your tongue
I said
You’ll breakdown crying
I said
You’ll come crossing all lines

You just don’t know it yet

While we were dubbing, Silvia -- the lovely OM boss, walked in and it just perked up the session. I requested her to do it more often.


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