Karachi Valie

Je aunda maen kadey hor
Ki mulaqat hundi
Je hunda maen changa chor
Ki jumme-raat hundi

Je aunda jhoothh maenu kehna
Tan vi ki parda eh si rehna
Hijaban vali

Karachi Valie

Kujh khali tere andar si
‘Te shayad mere vi
Ik paase khahishan si kharhian
‘Te dujey haddan si

Ni haddan terian si nerhe meri do
Ki karda maen si majboor
Mijajan valie

Karachi valie
Thhande sahan valie
Rukhe valan valie

Thorha kasoor si mera
Thorha si tera kasoor
Par dasso dil uthey kiven jit sakdai
Jithey rehndian ne mattan vadhoo

Tun tukdi si rakhdi si bujhdi si machdi di
Jhakdi si kardi si gallan
Munhon dilon hor

Maen takda si rah, kadey takda si daa
Kadey farhda si banh teri
Aakhar maen si chor

Asan lai ik sann kurhey
Vehna kinna chir khaloni eyn
Vaddi kandhan valie

Karachi Valie
Thhandey sahan valie
Rukhey valan valie

Had I come another time
Would we have still met
Had I been a good thief
Would tonight have been a ball

If I knew how to lie
Would this cover have still remained
O veiled one

O Karachi girl

There was something hollow inside of you
Perhaps inside of me too
On one hand stood desires
On the other limitations

Yours were too close and mine too far
What could’ve I done I was helpless
O sassy one

O Karachi girl
Your sighs were so cold
You hair were so coarse

A bit of it was my fault
And a bit yours too
But tell me how can heart win
Where mind holds forte

You nibbled, cast aside, got doused, got inflamed
Hesitated, spoke one thing from your mouth and
Another from your heart

I waited in your path, waited for a chance
Grabbed your arm
I was after all a thief

I’ve made a breach
Will see how long shall you stand
You and your big wall

O Karachi Girl
Your sighs were so cold
Your hair were so coarse

I had a set sound for this song in my head. But Mauro came and played all these guitar arrangements and I thought the song had changed too much so we kept my flange guitars in the beginning. Also, I’d played wall-to-wall lead guitars but Mauro came & went chop-chop.


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